How can you look stylish without spending too much on clothes?

How can you look stylish without spending too much on clothes?

We've all gone through different phases as we discover our personal style. Personally, I've experimented with countless styles like punk, hippie, pop, hipster, and more during my teenage years.

I remember when I was in 5th grade, rose pink was in trend, and my entire wardrobe consisted of it—from school backpacks to jackets and boots. However, the following winter, I quickly got bored of it.

I used to blindly follow fashion trends, buying lots of fast fashion items each season that I only wore once before throwing away. Looking back, I realise that if I had been more sensible and avoided unnecessary purchases, I could have invested in more valuable items, like those dream shoes.

After many mistakes, I can share two main tips from my personal experience on how to shop more consciously without sacrificing style: 

  • Invest in classic clothes made from quality materials that will have a longer lifespan in your wardrobe

I have a few items like an oversized blazer, mom jeans, a camel wool coat, and a white top that I've worn for several seasons and still get compliments for. Over the years, I've learned that quality is more important than quantity. Especially now, as we become more aware of how our consumer choices impact our planet.

It's okay to buy something in the current seasonal trend, but it's wise not to rely entirely on it. If the trend of the season is leopard print and we fill our wardrobe with it, we'll likely be tired of it by the next season. So, just like in nature, balance is key in our wardrobes as well.

  • Develop your own style and stick to it when shopping

Yes, I know that forming a personal style is not an easy process and usually involves many mistakes. I wasn't one of the lucky ones who discovered it early. It took me many years, but most women over 25, including myself at 30, are more aware of who we are and our identity. Ask yourself—Who am I? What do I like? What are my values?—and stick to them confidently.

If you're a creative person who loves comfortable, loose clothes in bright colours and prints, go for it and don't follow the rule that women must wear feminine, bodycon dresses and mini skirts. Oppositely, if you're a woman who loves elegant and feminine clothes, invest in pieces that reflect this theme without deviating from it just because wide, unisex clothes are currently trendy.

At least one good thing about the Instagram era is that it has given us the chance to express our individuality freely. After all, how many influencers are followed precisely because they dress eccentrically, or others for their classic and elegant style? As a fan of interior design as well, I recently came across the page of a famous interior designer followed by millions for her work with super bright colours and quirky interiors. Some people may not like her, but her audience loves her. So, stay true to yourself, and the right people will appreciate you.

Author: Sofiya Neykova, Founder of Neyso