About us

Neyso is a contemporary fashion brand born and inspired by the idea of beauty. And what is beauty, if not an expression of the essence and state of the spirit, translated in a unique way by the creator.

The brand is a project of the fashion designer Sofiya Neykova as a reflection of her pursuit of elegance and style. Based in Bulgaria but influenced by the culture of London and Florence, where she had studied and worked for a long time, in the field of fashion and design, Sofiya creates clothes that carry a message. She believes that they serve as a powerful non-verbal language to communicate with the world around us.

Neyso paints the sophisticated silhouette of the modern woman with a vision of class, elegance, sophistication and comfort. The clothes are dedicated to women, to the balance they try to maintain in their dynamic everyday lives, to their ability to express themselves through fashion. The collections combine timeless classics with charismatic playfulness. The patterns and models are handmade from carefully selected, high-quality fabrics and materials.

The style of the brand is a fusion of urban spirit and European aesthetics. The models exude intelligence, attention to detail, comfort and quality. Neyso’s vision taps strongly into the cultural zeitgeist, celebrating the beauty of individuality.

For any additional information on our products and services, please contact: info@neyso.boutique

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